The Benefits of Couples Counseling

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The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Hi! I’m Lucy Higgins. I’m 31 years old and engaged to be married. My fiance and I go to couples counseling, and it has truly helped our relationship. I would say we have an excellent relationship for the most part. What happened was we started talking about how we want to handle things after we are married. We tried to discuss things like finances, raising children, jobs, and even where to live. In these discussions, we noticed that even when we agreed on matters, there was a certain tension in the air. I felt that my fiance Max was being too matter-of-fact. Max felt that I was putting too much emotion into our discussions. We decided to try couples counseling and see if we could learn how to communicate better with one another. I would like to share our positive experiences with you.

What Is The Adoption Process Like For Birth Parents?

Have you recently found out that you are expecting a child and you aren't sure if you are ready to be a parent? Or have you already made the decision to give your child up for adoption, but you have no idea what the adoption process is like? The adoption process for birth parents is a very emotional and difficult process. For the birth mother, there is the physical requirement of carrying the child and giving birth; the birth father may feel as though he doesn't have a say in what the mother does. While the exact laws regarding the adoption process will vary by state, there are some general steps that can be expected.

Choosing an Adoption Agency

Many birth parents choose to partner with an adoption agency in order to guide them through the adoption process. The role of the adoption agency will vary from educating birth parents to putting them in touch with potential adoptive parents. The adoption agency will also conduct home studies with adoptive parents and conduct background checks before matching birth parents with potential adoptive parents.

Creating an Adoption Plan

In many cases, birth parents will work with an adoption agency to create an adoption plan. This can involve choosing the adoptive family, as well as the contact they want to have going forward. Some birth parents will choose to completely cut off contact once the adoption is finalized, while others will want a more open adoption where photos and letters can be shared and occasional visits can take place. The adoption plan will also include how the birth parents choose to handle things at the hospital, giving them a large amount of control over the adoption process.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

Some birth parents will want to choose the adoptive family that their child goes to, especially if they have decided on a more open adoption. This part of the adoption process involves viewing profiles of potential adoptive parents and interviewing the ones that they feel are their best choices. At this point in the adoption process, all of the control regarding contact between the two families is still in the hands of the birth parents, as they can have as little or as much contact as they want either through phone calls, email or in-person meetings.

Finalizing the Adoption

The exact process for the final step in the adoption process will vary in accordance with state laws. There are some states that have a mandatory waiting period after the child is born before the birth parents can sign the adoption paper work. However, once the adoption paperwork is signed, the child is turned over to the adoptive parents and the process for finalizing the adoption begins. At this point the birth parents can completely stop contact with the adoptive parents.

For more information, contact Hope's Promise or a similar organization.