The Benefits of Couples Counseling

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The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Hi! I’m Lucy Higgins. I’m 31 years old and engaged to be married. My fiance and I go to couples counseling, and it has truly helped our relationship. I would say we have an excellent relationship for the most part. What happened was we started talking about how we want to handle things after we are married. We tried to discuss things like finances, raising children, jobs, and even where to live. In these discussions, we noticed that even when we agreed on matters, there was a certain tension in the air. I felt that my fiance Max was being too matter-of-fact. Max felt that I was putting too much emotion into our discussions. We decided to try couples counseling and see if we could learn how to communicate better with one another. I would like to share our positive experiences with you.

3 Signs Of Teenage Marijuana Use You Can't Overlook

As a parent, of course you want what's best for your teenager. At the same time, your child is at an age where you also want to give him or her a little more independence and trust as he or she grows into an adult. Unfortunately, there's a fine line between trusting your teen and overlooking important warning signs that he or she is up to something. Some parents may be shocked to learn that 44% of teens have tried pot at some point in their lives; as such, all parents should be aware of the three telltale warning signs of a teen using marijuana.

Change in Eating Habits

Be observant of your teen's eating habits. While it's normal for teens to have ambitious appetites (especially after they've hit puberty), sudden food binges or binges on certain types of food (salty snacks, sugary drinks, candies, etc.) could be indicative that your teen is having "the munchies," a common side effect of smoking pot. If your teen seems to be eating more junk food than normal, this could be a sign of marijuana use--though it's not a telltale sign.

Suspicious Items

Watch to see if your teen has been carrying suspicious or unexplained items around; this is easy to do without "snooping" if you do your child's laundry. Specifically, be on the lookout for eye drops, which your teen may be using to get rid of red eyes after smoking pot. Furthermore, if you spot any smoking paraphernalia, such as rolling papers, a grinder, or even a pipe, it's time to sit down and have a talk with your teen. 

Sudden Drop in Grades

Finally, if you begin to notice a drop in your teen's grades (especially in addition to the aforementioned signs of pot use), then this is definitely a cause for concern. Teens who smoke pot are often lethargic and lack motivation due to the effects of the drug. As a result, even teens who previously had excellent grades could begin to see a drop in their academic performance; it's definitely time to have a talk with your teen.

As a parent, it's easy to overlook common signs of drug use. Fortunately, by being aware of these common signs of marijuana use in teens, you avoid having children go down the wrong path or handling drug addicted children. From there, you can ensure the best chances for a successful future.