The Benefits of Couples Counseling

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The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Hi! I’m Lucy Higgins. I’m 31 years old and engaged to be married. My fiance and I go to couples counseling, and it has truly helped our relationship. I would say we have an excellent relationship for the most part. What happened was we started talking about how we want to handle things after we are married. We tried to discuss things like finances, raising children, jobs, and even where to live. In these discussions, we noticed that even when we agreed on matters, there was a certain tension in the air. I felt that my fiance Max was being too matter-of-fact. Max felt that I was putting too much emotion into our discussions. We decided to try couples counseling and see if we could learn how to communicate better with one another. I would like to share our positive experiences with you.

Tips For Meeting With Adoption Agencies

If you are hoping to grow your family through adoption, it can be tough to break through the bureaucracy and find representation. There are plenty of things that you can do to strengthen your application before it is reviewed by adoption agencies. Here are four tips to better your chances during the adoption process.

1. Market Yourself

No one else can sing you and your family's praises like you. Having your parenting resume ready and letters of support from friends and family members can get your foot in the door. Anything that makes your family unique can be shown in a positive light, such as a stable home environment and job security. Setting yourself apart from other potential parents can make your application shine.

2. Show Your Strong Family Values

Making sure that adoption agencies have a clear picture of your family values and morals is key. If you have a less than traditional family, that doesn't mean that what you have to offer isn't rich with family values and support. These values need to be showcased, especially if you are in a unique or non-traditional situation. Make sure to demonstrate your support system, whether this is through a church, extended family, or other organization.

3. Get Your Ducks in a Row

An adoption agency will run a background check on you in order to ensure that you are the optimum candidate for parenting. They will check in on your financial situation and how well you can provide for a child. Have all of your personal information organized and answers ready before you even begin meeting with agencies for approval.

4. Be Open to Various Arrangements

The journey to adopting a child isn't always exactly how a family expects it to be. If you can find it in your heart to adopt a special needs child or an older child, placement might be more manageable. Similarly, if you can be open to fostering a child, you might end up in a situation that can lead to permanent adoption. Being open will show the adoption agency how serious you are about the process.

Adopting a child is such a personal experience, and you need to be able to be yourself. Showing your excitement about the possibility of growing your family will shine through if this is genuine. Try to let go of your nerves and be ready for the adoption process. For more information go to